Deliver Better Patient Outcomes Through Enhanced Access and Adherence Support

Your brand, our solutions. Therapy Access and Adherence solutions can help you break down treatment barriers, drive brand loyalty and deliver better patient outcomes.

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Access and adherence solutions that work

Whether you’re launching a new therapy or managing the life cycle of your in-market brand, we have the solutions and expertise you need. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped millions of patients across a vast array of therapeutic areas access, afford, and adhere to their physician-prescribed medications. With our Access and Adherence solutions, you can expect:

  • Patients can access your therapy faster, more easily and more affordably
  • Providers will better understand a patient's drug coverage and requirements for prior authorizations or managing denials
  • Specialty pharmacies can get patients on therapy more quickly

Where technology and innovation meet patient needs

In addition to the caring, white-glove service our teams provide, we have technology and networked systems that truly power healthcare. We’re connected to health-insurance payers, providers, and pharmacies across the nation and can intervene individually and instantly as necessary in the patient prescription journey to help patients overcome treatment-access barriers and start and stay on track with prescribed therapies.

Our AMP: Access for More Patients technology platform is a great example of our network. It connects:

  • 700,000 providers representing 96% of prescription volume
  • 96% of pharmacies
  • 95% of payers
  • More than 300 life science brands

The bottom line? Our Access and Adherence technologies put us at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and let us seamlessly connect payers, providers and biopharma to enhance the patient experience.

Better therapy access, affordability and adherence

To meet patients where they are on their therapeutic journey, you need a patient-centric approach that starts with access. We help you extend that strategy to keep patients on your therapy for as long as they need it.

Improve drug access

Once a prescription is written, we help patients and providers understand and navigate the existing barriers to access, so that patients can get on your therapy as quickly as possible.

Our field team acts on your behalf as local advocates for patients to quickly overcome payer objections and speed up authorizations and medication delivery.

Increase drug affordability

As out-of-pocket drug costs continue to rise, patients find themselves in a tough spot. In extreme cases, some must choose between their health and their financial security. Through our financial assistanceco-pay and free trial voucher programs, we help patients overcome the hurdles of high-cost payments.

Lower out-of-pocket costs also lower adherence barriers. That’s because affordability leads to consistent therapy use. And consistency leads to better patient outcomes.

Drive medication adherence

For patients to remain compliant with their therapy, they need to understand its value in their treatment plan. Our personalized coaching and clinical solutions give patients the chance to ask questions and share concerns in a no-pressure, confidential setting.

These coaching sessions can be delivered over the phone, in person or through other communication channels. No matter which setting a patient chooses, our trained agents and nurses empower them to understand their disease and feel comfortable managing their therapy.


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