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As ambulatory and post-acute care evolve, make sure your healthcare facility has the tools and resources to grow along with it. As the nation's largest distributor of wholesale medical-surgical supplies and equipment,  is ready to support you. Our products include high-quality national brands like , and . We also offer our own , offering the same or better quality as leading national brands and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

Our more than 300,000 products include personal protective equipment, diagnostic equipment, diabetic supplies, incontinence products, surgical instruments, point-of-care lab testing, advanced wound care, pharmaceuticals and more. And with our robust , you can track expenses by location or facility, enter purchase orders, approve invoices and access real-time healthcare product information and availability and more. Our offers next-day delivery to 95% of customers with 99.8% order accuracy. We can also ship online orders directly to your patients with .

Post-acute care supplies and services

Shop medical supplies and healthcare equipment for , , assisted living facilities and  facilities. We offer general and advanced wound care products, nutritional supplies, CPAP supplies, incontinence supplies and other healthcare products you need to help reduce hospital readmissions and improve the quality of care.

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Home medical equipment

Grow your HME business while meeting the high standard of care your patients deserve. Look to our extensive catalog of wholesale HME and durable medical equipment (DME) supplies in categories like incontinence, diabetic supplies and wound care.

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Surgery center supplies and services

Improve performance in your ambulatory surgery center with quality surgical supplies including surgical equipment, custom procedure trays, prescription drugs, IV sets and solutions, orthopedic supplies and more. With low units of measure and a robust portfolio of products, as well as a nationwide distribution network, we've got your surgery center supply and equipment needs covered.

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Physician office supplies

From needles and syringes to exam gloves, masks and flu vaccines, we deliver the medical supplies your physician office needs to help keep your patients healthy. Our exceptional selection of medical-surgical products and pharmaceuticals – along with outstanding delivery service – lets you focus fully on patient care.

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Medical supplies for health systems

We’re redefining supply chain expectations for health systems, providing patient-focused solutions and world-class distribution, all from a trusted partner you can count on. From physician offices to surgery centers and patient's homes, we tailor our breadth of offerings to create a unique roadmap that helps you build a resilient, high-performing supply chain.

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Laboratory supplies

Early detection of potential health risks with ongoing testing helps improve outcomes, reduce hospitalizations and reduce costs. Your physician office or hospital lab can tackle chronic care management and coordinate care more effectively with the help of our comprehensive line of laboratory products and equipment. From rapid test kits and clinical analyzers to lab supplies like test tubes, refrigerators and more, we have your CLIA waived, non-waived and molecular lab needs covered.

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IJʿ ScanManager℠

Simplify medical supply ordering and purchasing with , IJʿ's portable inventory management device. The bar code-based scanning system speeds up your count of items on hand, reducing the time it takes to conduct your quarterly, semi-annual or annual inventories.

IJʿ SupplyManager℠

With comprehensive product information and functionality features designed for your convenience, makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever. Get customized reporting, integrate your practice management system, create lists and formularies, set approval rules and more, all on one easy-to-use platform.

Flu vaccine supplies and resources

Get your healthcare facility ready for flu season with resources and products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. IJʿ's ™ program supports you year-round with influenza vaccines and supplies to help protect your patients, residents and staff.

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You can to become a SupplyManager℠ customer.

Where can I order medical supplies from IJʿ?

Medical professionals can from IJʿ Medical-Surgical.

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You can reach out to .

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To see pricing and availability for medical supplies, you’ll need to log in to IJʿ Medical-Surgical .

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