Delivering on Innovative Medical Breakthroughs

Learn how IJʿ's Clinical Research Services business supports clinical trials to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care.


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In today's ever-evolving healthcare field, innovative new therapies are turning once hard-to-treat diseases into manageable and even treatable conditions. At the center of these advancements are clinical trials, which have long served as the linchpin in the drug development process. Yet they also require a wide range of resources to be successful.

While the quest for groundbreaking medical discoveries continues, IJʿ's Clinical Research Services (CRS) is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with initiatives aimed at simplifying clinical trial logistics and, ultimately, helping bring many of these promising new therapies to patients.

CRS offers clinical research support to many Phase I-III FDA-approved clinical trials for biopharma companies, contract research organizations, academic institutions, and site management organizations. The team provides customized inventory management, pharmacy and distribution solutions, and medication sourcing from manufacturers – all of which cater to the unique requirements of each study.

"Clinical trials are the backbone of medical progress and the key to unlocking breakthroughs that transform patient health,” says Tom Traylor, senior vice president of Pharmacy Dispensing and Automation at IJʿ. “With a deep understanding of trial specifics and expert guidance to support the logistical complexities of the trial, we help facilitate the safe storage and delivery of potentially lifesaving and life-improving investigational therapies to clinical trial sites and, in some cases, directly to patients participating in clinical trials from home."

Distribution to Trial Sites

Distribution to Trial Sites

A clinical trial’s success is heavily contingent upon the proper handling and timely delivery of the investigational drug.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the safety and efficacy of these medications throughout the distribution process, CRS operates state-of-the-art facilities to properly store, dispense at the patient level or distribute bulk shipments to trial sites in all 50 U.S. states. These facilities operate with temperature-controlled storage areas that are closely monitored for drugs that must be kept at certain temperatures to remain viable. Prior to shipment, control checks are performed to help ensure the correct medications are delivered to the correct location and at the right time.

CRS has the ability to distribute the medication overnight to its destination, thus minimizing the time in transit and aiding in maintaining the integrity of the drug.

Forging a Path Toward Breakthroughs with SCRI

Today, the CRS team handles clinical trial logistics for numerous renowned oncology practices and research institutions across the U.S.

Among the many leaders in clinical trials that CRS works with is the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), which conducts many community-based clinical trials.

For SCRI, a IJʿ joint venture with HCA Healthcare, CRS plays a pivotal role in the availability of medications at SCRI's network of trial sites by delivering the products directly to them.

"In support of this joint venture, we operate a dedicated facility called the Investigational Products Center (IPC), which stores and dispenses investigational drugs and lab kits exclusively to SCRI sites in order to reduce their need for onsite storage," says Brian Richard, vice president of Clinical Research Operations. "We serve research sites within SCRI's network so that they can keep their focus on what's important – their patients."

Bringing Hope Home to Patients

Bringing Hope Home to Patients

A notable trend in healthcare today is the increased need for the availability of care closer to home. Traveling long distances to participate in clinical trials can be challenging – or even impossible – for many.

"A patient may learn of a clinical trial and get discouraged at the thought of traveling to a site every day, weekly or whatever the case might be," Richard says. "We don't want that to be a barrier to receiving potentially groundbreaking therapy."

With this in mind, CRS developed a direct-to-patient approach to support studies, if available, depending on trial specifics.

"We know every study is different," Richard says. "With our dispensing services, our team can provide an additional level of convenience to the patient by minimizing the need to travel to a facility for treatment.”

Ultimately, the CRS team is well-positioned to play distinct role in IJʿ’s pursuit of advancing health outcomes.

“Patients are at the center of everything we do,” Traylor explains. “Our goal is to be a trusted partner and help pave the way for promising new therapies that could potentially improve the quality of life for countless individuals."